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LUIGINO Pilot P51 Inline Skate Frame Luigino Pilot P51 Featherweight
The Luigino P51 Pilot Featherweight frames are white and light. Now 33 grams lighter than the previous P51 frames, these trimmed down racing frames are faster, stronger, whiter and lighter.
  • 7000 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
  • 195mm Mounting
  • Rear Deck Height: 56.5mm
  • CNC Milled Double Void Extrusion
  • White Finish
  • Laser Print Graphics
  • 4x105 12.8" 195mm
  • 4x105 12.8" 195mm
  • 4x110 13.2" 195mm

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VANILLA Tiger Inline Skate Frame Vanilla Inline Tiger Frame
The Vanilla Tiger Frame is miles ahead of the competition! This light weight, 7000 series aluminum frame is available in different colors and sizes. Available in red, blue, and purple (4x100, 4x110). These frames take 165mm and 195mm mounts.

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LUIGINO Pilot Z Inline Skate Frame Luigino Pilot Z Frame
Luigino Z-Frame Speed Skate Dual Mount (4x100mm) Z-Frame is the best choice money can buy. Luigino knows not everyone is looking to be the best in the world, so they developed the Z-Frame allowing everyone an opportunity to reap the benefits of larger wheels. This frame is also superb for kids or young skaters wanting to take advantage of the 110mm wheel indoor or outdoor. The 12.8 Z-Frame has been successful in the marathons for womens with size 6 and smaller. The Z-Frame performs regardless of your size or talent. However, if you are looking for the absolute best, check out the Pilot Racing Frame.
  • 6000 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • CNC Machined
  • Size: 12.8
  • Wheel Capacity: 4x100mm
  • Laser Printed on Both Sides
  • Ball Burnished & Anodized to a Brilliant Finish
  • Single Axle System (7mm Thread)
  • 12.8 (4X100mm) - 165 /195 dual mount
  • 12.8 (4X105mm & 4x110mm) - 195 mount

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VANILLA Tiger Cub Inline Skate Frame Vanilla Tiger Cub Frame
The Vanilla Tiger Cub Frame is a 3x100 - 165/195mm mount frame, Made of 7000 series aluminum which keeps it Extremely lightweight.

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